Pierre Actual Belgique

Magazine Pierre Actual Belgique

Explication about our passion for the Belgian bluestone and craftmanship.

The journalist Denis Cettour of the magazine Pierre Actual allowed us through these article and photos to explain where our passion for Belgian bluestone and craftmanship comes from. 

The intelligence or the gesture combined with a creative spirit, free and detached from established codes.

Hotel Saint Délis Honfleur - Chambre5

Hotel Saint Délis at Honfleur

The Artist's House of Henri de Saint Délis becomes a five star boutique hotel.

Each aesthetic detail, the patinas, the textures, the colours, the proportions have been studied in order to harmonize. Everything has been designed to adapt perfectly to the place.

The curiosity of the visitor is attracted by subtly, artistically and contemporary bringing the painter's works of art back into the lighting, partitions, ... We invite the visitor to rediscover this place...

Fête des Plantes et du Jardin

Plant & Garden Festival - Les jardins d'Aywiers

“Les Jardins d'Aywiers”, it's where passionate professionals meet gardening enthusiasts in an enchanting setting.

The seven-hectare garden is surrounded by ancient walls, containing superb hundred-year-old tree specimens, shrubs and rare plants, a pond and springs as well as a garden of aromatic and medicinal plants.

Come and share our passion for this special venue at the Plant and Garden Show and discover our outdoor furniture. We will be delighted to see you there.

Centre d'Interprétation de la pierre - Symposium 2019

During the sculpture symposium at the Sprimont Stone Interpretation Center, which will take place from August 09 to 25, 2019, we will exhibit some of our creations in which we used the Belgian blue stone.

Our way to discover how to combine furniture design and Belgian blue stone.

It's part of our mission to educate the public and to put our national stone in the spotlight. A beautiful mix of plastic art and applied art. Do not miss this event held in the old power station of the quarries at Sprimont that has just been restored brilliantly.

Les Jardins d'Aywiers - Garden Festival

Les Jardins d'Aywiers

Plant & Garden Festival

“Les Jardins d'Aywiers”, it's where passionate professionals meet gardening enthusiasts.

We will be delighted to see you during this event. Binôme will presenting some new 'outdoor' creations in this beautifull enchanting setting.

Foire de Jardin - Parc du Chateau d'Enghien

Parc du Chateau d'Enghien

Garden Festival

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the charm and tranquility of these idyllic landscapes, a haven of peace in the city center...

We will be delighted to see you during this event. Binôme will presenting some new 'outdoor' creations.

Paris Design Summit

Paris Design Summit

3 days make 72 hours, 3 days make 4320 minutes, 3 days is a lot or not? 3 days to change the world. Be with us!

The world design agency's mission is to advance an international agenda for interdisciplinary design by generating discussion forums, community management tools and exchange platforms aligned with major international agendas to develop a better world thanks to the power of design.

Uptown Design Tour Brussels

Uptown Design Tour Brussels

Uptown Design has been included in the September calendar as a key event in the discovery of Belgian and international design located in what we call the uptown part of Brussels. This federating UPTOWN DESIGN TOUR was created by Kunty Moureau to highlight talented designers in prestigious brands’ addresses in the capital. 

These exclusive installations are just alike the creative minds who create and invest the store location. Each designer has been carefully chosen so that the displayed work is in perfect harmony with the place of display. The general public can discover them in galleries, hotels and prestigious places in the upper part of the city of Brussels: Boulevard de Waterloo, Rue de Namur, Avenue de la Toison d’Or, Rue du Grand Cerf.