Private Project Paris

The beauty of natural stone as a masterpiece offered by Nature.

Subtle game of lines and curves creates a dynamic but in a form of softness inviting to sit at this table.

Private House Villars-sur-Ollon

Stairs and Libraries - a project in association with Luca Arnaud Architecture.

Private Apartment Paris

Reflection of the duality of this Haussmannian apartment.

The tensions of the angular lines of the metal base soften in contact with the softness of the wood and the curved lines of the tablet.

Residential Project Private Apartment Paris
Residential Project bathroom

Bathroom Beauraing

Renovation of a bathroom in a private house.

A fusion of belgian bluestone, oak and patinated rusted metal structures.. The walls will be covered with Mortex to create a warm atmosphere.

Library Paris

To classify and arrange the words, the sentences, the ideas contained in the countless books and this following the organization of work of our client who is philosopher ... successful bet ... his work of research is again a pleasure.

Bibliothèque Paris