Hotel Saint Délis Honfleur

Hotel Saint Délis à Honfleur

An old bourgeois and historic house, listed as a Honfleur heritage, was converted into an intimate and luxurious hotel (5 stars).

Hotel Saint Délis at Honfleur - Interior design by Binôme
Horeca Project Restaurant Cross

Restaurant CR'OSS (Belgium)


Our CR'OSS line of furniture. The predominance of immaculate white color reflecting the light bringing freshness and class.

Ontwerp Terras


Terrace design inspired by Nature

The materials, colours and finishes create a real party setting that offers a cosy ambiance with seating islands.

Terrace De Hoge Boom
Horeca Project Restaurant Bonnieux

Hotel Bonnieux (France)

The Provence sun floods the restaurant's veranda ...the clients' comfort is the prime concern, though with an 'artistic' touch.

Hotel l'Abysse (France)

A small waterfront hotel for which 'the big family house along the coast' is the inspiration.

Horeca Project Hotel l'Abbysse