Limited Edition


There is no beginning and there will be no end...

Limited Edition Impact console


The first inspiration of our AE’TERNAM line came from the very heart of the Belgian blue stone quarries. The successive layers of sedimentation are interrupted in their thickness and this in a regular way.

Limited Edition Dyade


Between each stone bench we find the rock called in the jargon ‘crust’. Normally this part of the rock is only used for secondary purposes because it has too many ‘defects’ for standard marketing. On the contrary, we have seen an extraordinary visual interest, both in the shapes and the textures.

Limited Edition Atlas miror


We decided to use it as an essential element in our AE’TERNAM furniture line. This rock having taken millions of years to reach us, we offer it the possibility to last for eternity. She was there long before us and will always be here after us. Our approach led us to lead the reflection more broadly.

Limited Edition Arena


Attentive to our everyday environment, the idea arose to use these particularities, unusual elements for the industry, as an eyecatcher in each of our limited edition creations.

Limited Edition Orbital table


In our own way, we defend the right for each of us to exist differently than the norm that is imposed on us by a more and more formatted society.

Limited Edition Diabolo


Either an old element today forgotten by our peers, or an element from the exploitation of natural resources (stone, wood, metal) but relegated to the secondary circuit because not enough in the standards.

Limited Edition - Coffeetable CU'MULUS


Wall lightsculpture Hemera